5 Important Ways of Writing Awesome Attractive Titles and Headlines ForYour Blog Post

Mohsin Ali
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Hello remarkable people, here is Mohsin again with another blog to help you in developing attractive, awesome titles and headlines for your blog.

5 million blogs use to be published on daily basis, these blogs are of different types and different topics. Now you need to make sure, how your blog will stand out in this rigorous competition.

Normally my blogs are quite related to marketing and content strategies but I have not talked much about, writing part of the content. So I decided to write a blog in which I should share some core techniques in developing some killer headlines which could gain the attention of a reader in this intense blog world.

So let us dig into this blog and find out five attractive ways of writing attractive titles and headlines.

Use Number in Tiles and Headlines :

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So the number one tip which I have for you is to use numbers in the titles and headlines. Most of the time you have seen that, whenever you are finding any query on the internet you always find those blogs which have numbers in their titles in the top google searches.

According to the research, it has analyzed that 36% of clicks get increased when you use numbers in your headlines. The number always grabs the attention of the reader. I do not know either it is some phycological phenomenon or something, but this works. for example, if you write “ 10 best content marketing strategies”

So my number one tip for writing awesome headlines is to use numbers.

Its About Them:

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Now, whatever you are writing, you need to make sure that you are writing for your target audience, therefore your writing style should be conversational. It should be like, you are talking to someone and trying to teach them.

Your headlines should render this conversational style. For example, if you are writing a headline like this “ How you can write a better content that gets more traffic” Now this headline is showing a kind of customization for a reader. When the reader will read this headline, his mind will trigger automatically that it is for him and he should open it and read it.

So what we have concluded on this point is, whenever you will be writing a headline you need to make it reader-centric.

Surprise them:

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I have discovered a “What” test, now you people will be wondering that what is this “What” test. So let me tell you, what is all about. “What” test means whenever you are writing a headline for your blog you should have one thing in your mind that you need to shock the reader from your title.

You need to astonish him with your titles and headlines. You will evaluate automatically whenever you are writing such shocking headlines, your click rate will jump at a very high level. So this is the “What” test is all about. Your headlines should surprise your reader.

I will give you an example, (Meet Rayan, a 9 years old YouTuber who is making 25 million dollars on the monthly basis). Now, this is quite surprising for a reader and he will definitely open your blog and will read it completely. Always make sure to add something interesting like this in your title.

What Makes You Stand Out:

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Before writing a headline, you should have one thing in your mind that it manifests your credibility. You need to win the reader’s trust by adding reliability to your title.

Everybody is very much busy in their day-to-day schedules and if they are taking out time for reading a blog so they will read credible articles.

You should ensure, those keywords should be the part of the title which creates worth for the reader and depicts high credibility. For example; 10 Best Techniques after 48 hours of research.

How Do You Qualify:

The reader will always be interested in those articles or blogs which are written by experts on that specific topic. For example, if there is a blog written on the design theory associated with graphic designing so it is topic/headline should be something like this “ Professional Graphic Designer Explain Design Theory” It will trigger the mind of a reader about the value he or she will get from the blog article because it has been written by the professional of the field.

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So this all from my today’s blog, I hope you all will like it and it might help you in your blog writing and content writing profession.

And do let me know in your comments that should I make such blogs on writing or I should confine myself to strategy and marketing.

Thank You :)

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