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5 Steps of Presenting Yourself In An Interview

Mohsin Ali
4 min readMay 8, 2022


Hi Everyone, Welcome to my another blog post. From now onwards I will be starting the series related to HR processes which includes recruitment , Selection, Interview Process, Organization Development etc.

My purpose for starting this blog is to help you who are in pursuit for jobs at all levels. Everybody is trying to have a good job at all level. Fresh graduates are looking jobs for the entry level positions in their respective field. Middle level professionals are looking for new opportunities where they can grow and learn on the faster pace and same goes for the experienced professionals who want to use their prior experience and get some big shot position in well established organization.

The crucks of the story is that everyone is looking for new opportunities at all level and for this they need to understand the latest updated dynamics of Human Resource Industry. HR systems within the organizations are changing in a very rapid pace, Hiring criteria has been changed, recruiters are trying to get the best talent for their companies and they are using new technologies for the selection process so candidates need to prepare themselves for these upgraded selection processes.

Today I will be discussing 5 major steps of presenting during an Interview with HR.

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  1. Be Confident: Confidence is one of the major attributes which create a lasting impact on interviewer. When you speak confidently it depicts your knowledge and sincerity. Confidence will create a positive image during your interview. Self confidence is expressed from your facial expressions, tone of your voice, your eye contact, your sitting posture and your communication (tone of your voice). And confidence comes from knowledge, the more knowledgeable you are, the more confident you will be. Before going for an interview you should gather enough information about the job which you have applied for and you should have knowledge about the company you have applied for.
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2. Dressing and Attire: Your dressing matters a lot. When you enter in the room of an interviewer, the first impression you give to him is through your attire. Before speaking your attire speaks for you. Whenever you are going for an interview for any position, you should be formally dressed up. Your clothes should be neat an clean and should be properly ironed. This shows your commitment and discipline towards your profession. It is one of the highlighted factors of presenting in an interview.

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3. Tell the Truth: Always be truthful during your interview, always remember that interviewer is an experienced professional and if he is on this seat then it means he has an ability to judge people. So you should try to be very honest and truthful during your interview. Tell what you have done and what are your actual achievements in your career. Your true information will make you confident and it will help you to give correct answers with confidence during your conversation and you will also not worry about how much interviewer is getting deep dive in an interview.

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4. Passion and Enthusiasm: Every organization is looking for people who are passionate about their field. As a recruiter I have noticed that many people know their job and they have very vast related experience, but they are not passionate about their work, this thing force the recruiter to consider more candidates for the position because at the end of day every company is looking for those individuals who are willing to give their best to the job and this can only be possible when a person is passionate about his or her job.

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5. Connecting Personality: HR is often trying to focus on those candidates who can be the best fit with the culture of the organization. They are mainly focusing on those individuals who can easily connect with the people of the company. You have to make sure that you should present like a people’s person IN front of a recruiter. Best employee is the one who can adapt rapidly the culture and norms of the company. Sense of adaptability will be a plus point for you during your interview.

These are the 5 major attributes through which you can perform maximum during your interview at all levels. I will advice you to always prepare yourself for interviews and do not ever miss any opportunity.



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