7 Ways of Writing a Quality Content

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Quality content is the essence of your business. Writing quality content makes a huge difference in terms of the traffic and revenue. There is no specific hard and fast rule which will enable you to write a quality content but still there are certain practices which should be adopted by a content developer to create a difference.

Today in this blog we will discuss 7 most important steps which will lead you to create quality content for your website, blog or any other marketing platform.

1. Attractive Headings:

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Heading is the first point of interaction between a reader and a writer, so you need to ensure that your heading should be attractive and have an ability to influence the reader.

Content of your heading should have the ability to hook the reader’s attention. Your heading should be very clear and concise, your content heading determines that either the reader will read further or he will move to the next one.

2. Hook the Attention of Your Reader:

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According to different studies, you have just 3 seconds to grab your reader attention. These 3 seconds determine, either your reader will read the whole content or will move to the next one. The first line of your content should be very refined and well structured that it should not only convey the clear message to your audience but also encourage them to explore more about your blog or your website.

3. Comprehensive Research:

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Before writing a content, first do a comprehensive research about the specific topic you want to write on. Gather information about that specific niche from different credible sources and put them all in one file.

This gathered information will immensely help you to write more insightful content and always remember that reader will always prefer to read well written research articles which are supported with valid reasoning and stats.

4. Direction Oriented:

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You should specify your niche before writing a content because It will help you to determine your prospective market, who will be reading your content. Reader always prefer to read an article in which one specific topic is being discussed comprehensively .

5. Build Your Own Unique Tone:

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Create your own style of writing which builds your brand identity and therefore People can relate with your writing style. Uniqueness does matter within your niche. It will help you to stand out from your competition. Be Unique is the only way to attract massive traffic on your blog and your website.

6. Optimize Your Digital Content:

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If your content is not SEO optimized, than congratulations, you will be disappeared soon. If you really want to standout among your competition you should write Search engine friendly content. Choosing appropriate keywords within your niche will help your audience to discover you in an easy manner. You need to be very selective and careful during the keyword placement and the keyword density within your content.

7. Edit Your Work:

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Once you have done with your blog or article. You need to read it again and become your own critic, read your content at least 2 to 3 times. Do share your article with some expert, who has some experience in your niche, so that he can give you more insightful reviews about your written content. It will help you to improve significantly .

This is from my today’s blog, I hope this blog can help you in improving your writing skills. My mission is to enable you to earn through blogging and content writing.



I’m Mohsin and I have a passion for writing. I enjoy writing on a variety of topics mainly in the field of Human Resources and Talent Management.

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Mohsin Ali

I’m Mohsin and I have a passion for writing. I enjoy writing on a variety of topics mainly in the field of Human Resources and Talent Management.