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How To Become A Technical Recruiter

Mohsin Ali
2 min readMay 16, 2022


Have you ever noticed that technology has been embedded in all the industries. We are living in the age of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Smart Learning.

Since we all are working in the field HR so our field is also diverting towards technology and we as an HR should equip ourselves with new upcoming technologies.

Since we are in the hiring position so we should have some adequate knowledge of new technologies. We should have clear picture about all new software's and technologies which our company is offering.

To hire a technical resource for making new software you should have reasonable know how of that skill , so that you can evaluate the candidate on the basis of that knowledge. Hiring a right candidate for any opening insist a recruiter to gather suitable information about that position.

To become a technical recruiter you should develop following traits within you.

  1. Should have knowledge about updated technology stacks.
  2. Try to gain good skills of cold calling
  3. If you really want to be a good technical recruiter than you should have quality research skills mainly on social media sites.
  4. You should have basic information about tech terminologies
  5. Try to have relationship building with tech people. Understand their work ethics. Evaluate their skills and their daily routine. Try to get insights about the industry.
  6. I normally say that when you have decided to work in Tech that start think in technology. Make your gestures aligned with your goal.
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Technology is the future of HR. I will advice all HR professionals to get into this field and if you really want to get up the ladder in HR than this is an obligation on you to get Tech knowledge.

This is the only way you will progress in your field.

This is all from myside today. I am signing off. Now will catch you guys latter in our next HR Blog. Up till then take care and learn new things and Aim High.



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