How To Develop a Reading Habit In Just One Month

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Hello Beautiful People, this is Mohsin back again with another blog. This blog will mainly focus on the development of your reading habit. I will be mentioning all mandatory points which will help you to develop a rigorous reading habit.

Reading is a very beautiful thing to adapt to, it will change your thinking horizons so that you can have an ability to analyze the holistic picture of any situation. A habit of reading will change the course of your life. So I welcome you all to this awesome world of reading which will benefit you both in your personal and professional lives

From our childhood, we always forced to read-only to get good marks in the exams but we have never been realized that reading is such a good habit, which not only increases our knowledge but also polishes our deep inner skills. So let us start our today’s blog and enter into this beautiful world of reading.

Readers Profile:

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Before start reading you need to ensure that the book you will be going to choose for reading should be related to your interest because if you pick a random book and it is not resonating with you then you will lose your interest soon and you will get bored. So it is very important that before starting a book, select the topic based on your interest, evaluate yourself, and find out that what you want to read. This thing will trigger your reading habit and you will be curious to read the next book of the same genre. Once you will complete your first book, it will boost your confidence and force you to read more, therefore the crucks of the story are that you need to start with the book of your interest.

Never Read a Book After Using Internet:

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Internet is an addiction, it will give your mind minor rewards in the form of dopamine when you scroll more. Internet develops a habit of instant reward system to your brain, that you can not expect from the book reading, so I will advise you all, don’t use the internet at least 30 mins before reading a book. You have mostly noticed that after spending a lot of time on the internet you feel disappointed and depressed but this will not be in the case of reading, after reading a book you will feel a sense of accomplishment.

This is the main difference between reading and scrolling content on the internet. Reading a book is a complete exercise of your brain, it will help you to become mentally strong and powerful. So do not use the internet on any device before start reading a book.

Try Audio Books:

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Audiobooks are the best way to consume content from different books. You do not need to decide the particular time for consuming content for these types of books. You can have the audiobooks while going on the way to work. These books will enhance your listening skills and stimulate your knowledge in regards to the particular topic.

There are different websites available that have all genres of audiobooks available, you just need to go, check these websites and pick the book of your interest and start listening. You will be finding both paid and free versions of these audio books.

Bunching Your Habit:

If you want to develop any habit, just start trying to do that task on the daily basis and it will automatically become your habit. So in the case of reading, try to read at least 2 to 3 pages on the daily basis and you will see after some time, reading will become a part of your life,

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Now, you are wandering how could I do this, so for example, if your habit is to have a cup of coffee on every morning, than put your book along with the coffee mug the night before you go to bed so automatically when you wake up in the morning and you go to make your coffee, you will see a book along with that mug so you will definitely pick it along with the cup of coffee.

These small efforts make big differences and you will become an avid reader.

Having a Book Conversations:

I will suggest you join different book reading forums on different social platforms and start following those YouTubers who are talking about books and the reviews of different books. Make yourself a part of this community of book reading. You will realize the beauty of this community which will help you to learn more and more new stuff on the daily basis. When you take part in such discussions, you meet different experience professionals as well which helps you to get new opportunities for learning.

Your thinking process will change once you will be a part of such online communities of book reading. It will also help you to understand your interest that what genre you should start with.

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So this is the end of today’s blog. I hope you have got some new insights about reading and developing reading habits. Thank you for reading this blog, I will wait for your suggestions. Kindly do comment me below in the comments section and I will reply to each of your comment. Stay blessed and join this community of content writing and reading.



I’m Mohsin and I have a passion for writing. I enjoy writing on a variety of topics mainly in the field of Human Resources and Talent Management.

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Mohsin Ali

I’m Mohsin and I have a passion for writing. I enjoy writing on a variety of topics mainly in the field of Human Resources and Talent Management.