How To Earn 100,000 Rupees Per Month Through Online Content Writing

Mohsin Ali
6 min readJul 25, 2021

Earning through the comfort of your home is considered to be the Buzz word now a days.

It looks very cool when somebody says that I am earning online and I am making that specific amount of money by sitting at home.

Today in this blog I will be telling you about making money through online content writing. I have done a detailed research about this specific skill and I myself is doing content writing for the last 2 years AND I have seen that if you give time to this skill, you can actually earn a handsome amount of money by the end of the month.

Normally people take online writing as a side business or a mode to generate passive income. But realistically if you will focus on this thing, you will realize that you can make a full fledged income stream from this writing profession.

First of all before starting your career in the field of content writing, you need to choose a niche, so that you can be specific about your target audience and what actually you are writing and it will help you a lot to find your direction and you will start moving in that direction.

Now a days content is available in different forms :

  1. Web Content
  2. Social Media Content
  3. Press Releases
  4. Video Scripts
  5. Podcast Content
  6. Story writing
  7. Copy Writing
  8. Sales Copy
  9. E Books

And the list goes on and on and on, you need to make your self expert in all these formats because if you learn the secret of writing, then you can do any of the above mentioned thing.

We are living in the competitive world of internet where every website owner wants to attract the audience through the different versatile content. You can see a content war going on every where, everyone is trying to make their content different from the other.

So this is a chance for you as a content writer to make money by using your online writing skills for different businesses.

Glitter Your Writing Skills:

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To create a worth in this competitive world of writing you need to stand out from your competition. This can only be possible if you are continuously dazzling your writing skills. There are different ways of doing this. You can improve your writing skills by excessive reading. Reading will help you to explore different words, it will enhance your vocabulary.

You will be more familiar with the quality sentence structure. Remember one thing if you are writing something and you are using very easy language for your reader and your sentence structure is easy to understand than definitely you will be getting a lot more traffic as compare to other competitive websites.

Write On Daily Basis:

Skill can only be achieved through practice. You can never be a good swimmer by just watching you tube videos. You need to enter in the pool and practice on the daily basis then after certain span of time you can declare that you are good swimmer. Same goes with the writing, Write on the daily basis, practice a lot. You will see your initial drafts are pathetic and unable to understand, it will lack expressions, words and structure.

Develop A Mindset:

Everybody will take about skill and skill enhancement and no doubt it is very important but we always miss out the most important aspect of achieving anything and that is a particular mindset which needs to be formed. If you have a loosing mindset, you cannot achieve anything because your mind is not prepared for success.

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Your mind will not allow you to make that certain amount of effort because it is already convinced that this task is unachievable.

First change your mindset and than start putting effort in your work. Changing mindset will trigger your motivation level. You will start acting completely change. You need to believe that you can earn much more than 100,000 per month through your online content writing skills.

You should believe on your skill and make continuous effort to improve it.

Be Active on Social Media Channels :

We cannot deny the power of social media and how social media channels are influencing our lives. Today if we need to get some food reviews or to get reviews about some dine in places, we surely go and visit their official pages and get feedback from there, same is the case in content writing, if we need to take freelance projects in writing than it is important to join different freelance content writing groups on Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

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These groups will connect you to the global audience, many companies put their requirement in the post and you just need to send your samples. You can negotiate on your prices and the quality of work they require from you.

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You can see which one is the better option for you. Social media is a sea of opportunities in which you need to grab the most appropriate one for you.

Make A Professional Job Proposal:

You will be facing a fierce competition in this field of online content writing. Try to standout from the rest of your competition.

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Remember if you are applying for any job, kindly make a professional profile, otherwise this competition will eat you.

Make a proper cover letter, search different formats of cover letter from google and start making your own on the basis of that format.

Your client will be getting lot of proposals for the job, here you want to make yourself different from the rest, show your work and credibility so that your client will be more inclined towards you.

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Devise A Portfolio For Your Work:

Before applying for any job, your portfolio should be ready with you. Quality of your portfolio depends on the quality of job you will be getting in the future.

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In the field of online content writing your client will firstly ask about your portfolio and then he will proceed with the contract.

You can negotiate on the prices on the basis of your work. If you are confident about your skills and you know your work then you can demand whatever you want.

These are the main essential points which you need to remember while starting your career in the field of online content writing. I will always advise you to think big and make big goals because when you make big goals your vision get broader, your thinking patterns get changed.

Follow these points and I ensure you that your earning will increase to this level. You will be able to get desired results after working on these above mention points.

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And share your thoughts in the comments below and do share those strategies which you are using in your currently using in your content writing.

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