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HR and Technology

Mohsin Ali
3 min readMay 25, 2022


There was a time when organizations ignore the importance of human capital. They did not realize the importance of Human Resources but with the passage of time businesses landscape start changing and businesses urge the need of human resource department.

Organizations started realizing that no company can be successful unless and until they have strong human resource strategy.

Investing in human capital is the core reason of any successful business. HR is the driving force for any organization. It gives direction and make a clear path for the company. HR evolved with the passage of time.

In the start HR is only related to hiring and firing but then as the times passes HR becomes the most integral part of the organization. HR vision get more broader and diverse.

Organizations started relying on HR for the cultural development of the company, for people excellence, for employee engagement and much more.

Now HR is not just the supporting department of any company. It is considered to be the game changer for a business. Businesses are evolving globally with the help of technology. Latest trends in technology triggers the productivity of all supporting departments within the organization.

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Tech trends in HR are getting more evident. HR professionals and policy makers are trying to make a tech culture within their systems because at this point of time, they are clear about the future of businesses. They know that if HR gets more into tech, then only it can create a meaningful impact in the businesses.

Tech helps organization to hire right talent, whose expertise are more closely related to given Job Requirements.

Right people at right place creates huge impact on the overall business revenues. Finding right people is an Art and technology helps us to fulfil it.

Technology makes our work easy and organized. Tech chatbots help us to make a friendly and convenient on boarding process. Employee friendly onboarding process always help companies to increase their retention rate.

HR and Technology are directly proportional to each other. More tech driven processes results in better and productive outcome.

I consider technology as the major component of HR. Every organization should consider this seriously . Tech is the future of HR. Tech will make you more productive and more result oriented.

This is all from today’s blog. I hope you have got some overview about the relationship of technology and HR and how this relationship is creating impact in the overall business scenario. You can give me suggestions about this topic and you can also tell me, what you need to learn more in the field of HR and its related field.



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